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Cheapest Car Leasing Company in Singapore

We’re proud to deliver flexible transportation solutions for professionals and institutions alike. We are dedicated in meeting your transportation needs on terms that are made for you and specifically for you.Our car leasing services are second to none. Our extensive years in the industry has allowed us to meet the demands of every working professional in the country. We’re not the type of company that provides you with generic solutions, we go out of our way to ensure all your needs are met according to your schedule and the demands of your life.

Personal Leasing

No downpayment & less risks

At Car Leasing Singapore, we understand your need to get moving – whether it’s taking the kids to and from school or jumping from one meeting to the next. We offer hassle-free leasing solutions for individuals wanting to enjoy the benefits of owning a car without the risks and complications.

Corporate Leasing

Employee Program

As a human resource professional, we understand your desire to provide your employees the benefit of maximum mobility through accessible transportation. can help you keep your employees happy and productive with car leasing solutions that are tailored to your demands and their needs.

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Car Leasing Singapore offers some of the most flexible terms that are tailored to the needs of our clients. If you have special requests or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to one of our fleet managers so we can make the special arrangements on your behalf.

Brand New Cars Available for Rent
Free Road Tax
International License Accepted
Free Maintenance and Servicing
Unlimited Mileage
Replacement Vehicle

Discover a model that fits your necessities from our range of brand new or pre-owned units of SUVs, MPVs, luxury sedans, and cabriolets.

Our Clients


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Looking For a First-Class Car Leasing Executive?

Cheapest Car Leasing Company in Singapore

Car Leasing sg is leading automotive lease provider in Singapore, they have been established for many years and currently it holds a number of dealership and distributors across Singapore targeting premium clients. We provide corporate and personal car leasing on short as well as long term basis. Whether you require transport for work purposes or to meet your personal needs, Car Leasing is here to cater to all your automobile needs.

Why choose us?

We put our customers first. We understand that terms and conditions to lease a car should be subjective, the terms that suit one person may not be relevant to another part, we take into consideration your needs and requirements and set the lease terms accordingly to cater to your needs specifically. We offer the best car leasing service taking into consideration the needs of our clients and ensuring that we meet your budget.

We are the best car leasing service in Singapore with extensive experience in providing car leasing service to our respective clients, we understand the demands of Singapore’s car leasing customers this is why we are the most trusted car leasing provider in town, we offer one on one dealing to understand what the customer requires thoroughly and work with commitment to ensure the customer receives what they demand. We are the champions of corporate car leasing and ensure that our clients receive the car the want in term of: model, manufacturers and even color. We look into specifics, we don’t just lease, you the car and disappear, long term car financing or leasing requires follow up and repairs and our highly experienced trained staff are always just a call away if you require any assistance.

Corporate Car Leasing

We provide corporate car leasing because we understand that companies desire to provide their employees with mobility, our corporate programs are designed to be cost and time effective to offer you and your employees maximum benefit. Some companies require a fleet of cars for a number of employees while others just need one, regardless of how many you need we are here to provide them. It may be impossible to make outright purchases of vehicles for your employees this is why car leasing is the most viable option for you. A corporate lease means that you can rent a car, but at an affordable price and for a specified time period, which may even amount to years, we will provide you a brand new car and even offer maintenance for the vehicle, in case the car breaks down we will provide a replacement car. Whilst purchasing a car means putting up with maintenance, insurance and road tax by leasing a car will cover this for you.

Long Term Car Leasing

We offers car leasing on an annual or monthly basis, this means that you save a great amount of money by opting for car leasing instead of renting a car or making an outright purchase which will be extremely expensive. We offer you reliable cars at low low prices, our long term car leasing rates will suit your pocket.Renting and purchasing a car is expensive, especially when you reside in Singapore is here to provide you cars for long term leasing that won’t put a dent in your pocket. We have a wide range of car for you to chose from whether you require a luxury vehicle or a budget car. We have a variety of car models and price ranges that you can choose from, we work hard to ensure we are offering the best price in town, looking for an affordable long term car? CarLeasing is your one stop shop.

Personal Car Leasing

Not only corporate leasing we are also the leaders in personal car leasing too, whether you need a car for a short term period or long term we are here to ensure you receive a lease that suits your needs. Our leases are affordable and can be for a month or for years, depending on what you require our terms of lease are tailor made to suit our clients needs. We understand that not everyone can afford a vehicle, but people do need maximum mobility, this is why we have different packages to meet the needs of different clients, just tell our representative what you require and allow us to provide you the best lease package in town.

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